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  A new site for the group

Sports Digital Media has launched JoburgsBest, a unique website that will allow South African companies to list their contact details and explain what their company does.

Using our bespoke software companies big & small will be able to enhance or establish their presence on the web.

Recent South African government statements estimate that up to 5 million people will visit South Africa for the 2010 Football World Cup.

JoburgsBest and it's partner sites are set to be the destination of choice for foreign and local users who will be able to search for local businesses and services.

Initially all companies in Johannesburg (Joburg) will be categorised together and later as more businesses join the companies will be categorised by area. This will allow users to log on to the directory and search companies and suppliers in their immediate neighbourhood.

As the site gets busier extra features and services will be added and "Joburgers" will be able to offer their homes and vehicles for sale in a special categories.

Companies taking advantage of the site will be able to upload and display their logo for a marginal cost and companies such and bed & breakfasts will be allowed to display up to 5 photographs of their company or property.

To ensure that no-one is excluded, smaller Companies will be allowed to list their details for free on the site.

The site has recently been launched and has already started accepting free listings from other cities such as Cape Town and Durban. Once the JoburgsBest site has completed it's testing stage, the software and domain names for partner cities will be offered on a partnership/licence basis.

These South African cities include,

To visit the site please click HERE. Alternatively if you are interested in partnering with Sports Digital Media in one of the above or other cities please contact us to express your interest. We highly recommend that you have a presence in the city you are expressing your interest in.

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