Sports Digital Media


"For the right opportunity, the (online) space offers fresh ways to commercialize new and existing brands, target specific audiences on needs more cost effectively." Mark Baynes, chief marketing officer for Kellogg Co.

On the whole online advertising is cheaper to produce and to deploy. Crucially though online advertising is immensely measurable. It's also changeable.

If you book a campaign in a monthly magazine for example and find that it's not working in the first few days, you are stuck with it.

If you book a monthly campaign on a Sports Digital Media web site and you find it's not working it can be changed in seconds.

This gives you time to interact with your customers and adapt to what they want and get the best out of your advertising campaign.

During the campaign you can test and refine your campaign so that it works for you and the client you are targeting.

Where else can you do that and get up to the minute reports on how your campaign is running?

The evidence is there. Online advertising works. New media works, people watch it, consume it and interact with it.

It's measurable, trackable and is the most realistic way to measure your return on investment.

Our advertising rates are reasonable and we do not charge when you make a change to your campaign.

Could it be simpler ? We don't think so.

Elite Sponsors

Some of our sites offer Elite Sponsorship which is a fantastic option where your company's logo is placed directly under the web site's main menu on every page of the main site.

The Elite Sponsor bars are located directly under the menu specifically so that when users view the web site and navigate around the site from one page to the next they will have to move their mouse/cursor over the Elite Sponsor's logo bar to get to the menu which gives the Elite Sponsor's logo maximum exposure.

An added bonus in this form of advertising is that as the links are hard coded into every page on the web site, your own web site's page ranking will improve.

Elite Sponsorships are done on an annual basis.

If you are interested in advertising with us please us the contact us link above to see what is available to you and in what market.